Boat of the Year Racing

2017-18 Boat of the Year Regional Results

and award winners

2018-19 Boat of the Year Regional Notices of Series

To be posted soon.

Note that Southwest Florida and Caloosahatchee regions are merged into one Series for this season.

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And here are the BOTY winners from 2016-17 season.



1st        Shadowfax                   Michael Baier

2nd        Sail Dance                  Tom Kennedy


1st        You Know Who            Paul Guidi

Sun Coast


1st        MiSueno                      Ron Kinney

2nd      First Wind                    Art Cupps


1st       Shazaam                      Roger Gatewood

2nd      Prime Plus                    Frank Hanna

Spinnaker C:

1st        Fully Involved                Steve Vincent

2nd      Meltemi                        Alexander Korakis

Spinnaker B:

1st        Attractive Nuisance       Jamie Myers

Spinnaker A:

1st        Raven                          Mike Kayusa

2nd      Warrior                        Grant Dumas

3rd       Wasabi                        Jeffrey Marks/Adam Rosen

Sarasota Bay


1st        Sunspot                      Bill Johnsen

2nd       Lucky Seven               Randy St James

Pocket Cruiser

1st        Green Flash                John Huber

2nd       MillerLite                    Bob Miller

3rd          Allegaroo                    Dave Powell


1st        Spindrift                     Dave Ettinger


1st       Solitude                     Dave Wilson

2nd      In Tune                      Doug Dearden


1st        Grand Illusion              Gregg Knighton

2nd       Fruition                       William Gately

3rd        Raegan-E                   Rolf Hahn

Charlotte Harbor


1st        Euphoria                     Ed Brauer

2nd       Diva Gorda                  Rudy Gottschlich


1st        Fancy Free                 Jerry Poquette

2nd        Play Mobil                 Jay Nadelson


1st        Soulshinell                  Paul Robbins

2nd        Still Crazy                 Bob Knowles



1st        Blue Heron                 Brian Lawton

2nd       Windy City                 Diane Fowler


1st        Miss Cathleen            John Finnegan

2nd       Macushla                   Joel Andrews

Southwest Florida


1st         Tri Power                    Ed Dixon


1st         Blue Heron                 Brian Lawton

2nd        Dragonfly                   Ulrich Rohde

3rd         Windy City                 Diane Fowler

Non Spinnaker:

1st          Sundance                   Patrick Evans

Spinnaker B:

1st          T-Bone                       Jason Richards

2nd         Foreign Exchange       Gunar Rogat

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